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  • Bring Hope to fatherless young men and boys from hard places and teach them to live wild at heart through outdoor adventures and light the way to a meaningful and deep relationship with Jesus. OUR MISSION


Compass Adventure Outdoors is a thrilling outdoor adventure program designed exclusively for teenage boys 9-18 yrs old offering an immersive Outdoor experience that goes beyond the ordinary these Adventure camps provide a unique and transformative journey for young adventures seeking to explore the wild and build lasting memories with a focus on fostering teamwork leadership and a deep appreciation for what God has created Compass Adventure Outdoors combines exciting outdoor activities with valuable life skills development and a way for the boys to deepen their walk with God and their faith.

At Compass Adventure Outdoors the program is carefully curated to challenge and inspire participants encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their God-given destiny to be World changers. From exhilarating heights to scenic trails to learning essential survival skills the many camps that CAO provides offers a diverse range of activities not only promote physical fitness but also nurture resilience and to help them develop the talents God has given them.

Dedicated staff at Compass Adventure Outdoors are passionate about creating an environment where teenage boys can develop a strong sense of camaraderie learned valuable life lessons and forge friendships that will last a lifetime and to develop their Walk With God and build their faith. These Adventure camps are not just an escape into nature it's a transformer experience that equips young minds with the tools they need to navigate The challenge of the wilderness and the journey of adolescence.


Monthly adventures take place on Friday evening at 6pm to Sunday at 2 pm

Campfire Talks

Father/Son Weekends

Buffalo & Carp Camp

Saltwater Fishing School

Professional Bull Riders PBR World Finals Weekend (DFW)

Professional Bullriders Camp

Outdoors Survival Camp

Monsta Shark Fishing Camp

Woodworking and Remodeling school

Born to make a difference program

Lure Lab

BBQ School


The support of our donors makes this program possible and we can't thank them enough.